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Brand identity is the way you are perceived by others. If the assets you are spreading outside are numerous and varied, it’s mandatory to have a defined brand architecture that gives a clear image of consistency to every and each one of your products.

  • Project NameVULCAN GAS
  • Year2020
  • Services AppliedBrand Consulting | Visual Brand Identity

A new image to spread out there.

Refresh the brand identity and enhance the consistency of the overall architecture of products built within the brand.

Refreshing the brand identity is often the most effective choice to upgrade the brand perception. Define a new image language, applying it consistently to the overall products architecture, produces a whole range of relapses on the value perception of the brand and the related products/services.

Results speak for themselves.


Obtain a brand manual of use in different contexts.


A new brand identity that spreads coherence and consistency.


A recognizable brand system, raising awareness and delivering company’s message.

A brand is a story that is always being told.


A new perception, gained simply.

  • Gained a distinctive perception and a clear image.
  • Achieved corporate and brand consistency.
  • Maintained a long-term sustainable success.

Vision, evolution, growth.

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