A new, smarter way


A product is not just an object. It’s an entire ecosystem of different perceptions, just so much different as the various stakeholders involved can be. In the development of a project, you must take into consideration every and each one of them.

Our client needed a new smart tv, able to differentiate the company from competitors: research phases showed us there was a lot more to outline.

  • Project NameMultimedia Screen Hub
  • Year2018
  • Services appliedDesign Consulting | Product Design | Engineering

Enhance UX and elevate perception.

How to attract and activate European Millennials by defining a new design language solution of interactive interface?

How to enhance the UX to elevate the brand perception?

Those were the questions to be answered at the beginning of this project: supporting the client in the conceptualization development of a unique and coherent design language for a new smart tv, able to differentiate the company from competitors.

Obviously, analysing the trend has been crucial in the design development phases. Through the market analysis process, we found out how important it was – for the target defined – to:

  • convert high-tech devices into furniture for interior spaces,
  • connect personal digital devices to shared ones
  • and most all, empower women and family-workers to take advantage of a higher sense of freedom allowed by technology.

To assist Hisense in entering the European market of Millennial families and develop a new design ecosystem.


To bring in the home environment a new way of watching television by creating a meeting point between all smart devices.


To create a compact screen, adaptable to small spaces with smart electronic components, and building relations among devices for an easy switch and instant access to content.

Designing a product is designing a relationship.


A product, an entire ecosystem, a new way to life interiors.

  • A smart screen device with minimum of technological effort, high cost-efficiency and minimized feasibility complications.
  • For the end-users: empowering young family-workers to make decisions for better and smoother family life.

Vision, evolution, growth.

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